It's always going to be infrastructure week now. President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework into LAW.

What’s in it?
$100 billion to fix our roads and bridges
$55 billion to ensure access to clean water
$65 billion in broadband expansion
$65 billion to upgrade and expand our energy systems


We’re Showing Up for America.

President Biden has passed the largest infrastructure investment and job creation bill since World War II. This infrastructure investment is a bold vision, robust in scope, and meets the infrastructure challenges that have plagued our nation for decades.

Join us in amplifying this infrastructure legislation that rebuilds the right way - with the highest safety standards and creates jobs for skilled workers in our communities by delivering the roads, bridges, broadband, and clean water that we deserve. Finally, that's what our elected officials are supposed to do. It’s why we sent them there.

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    Know Before You Vote

    Before you fill out your ballot this November, take a second to check: How did your Member of Congress and Senators vote on key legislation?
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    A New Day In America

    Americans voted for a new approach to rebuilding America, tired of waiting as the state of our infrastructure gets worse every day. Congress and President Biden enacted The American Rescue Plan.

To Rebuild America,

We Need People Like You

ReBuild USA is advocating for modernizing and repairing roads, bridges, airports, and water systems. We urge all elected leaders to support infrastructure legislation that creates jobs for our highly-skilled workers and rebuilds our nation right. Help us by taking action before it’s too late.

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    The American Rescue Plan
    Thank Democrats in Congress and the Biden Administration for getting our country back on track
    They heard us, and they’re acting. Pensions guaranteed for a generation of workers, our rights on the job restored, real apprenticeships for real careers, checks for struggling families, support for schools and small businesses, not billionaires.
    Thank Democrats in Congress and the Biden Administration for getting our country back on track
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