The time to invest in every sector of the energy economy is now, so we can meet today’s needs and deliver tomorrow’s innovation.

The demand for energy keeps growing. The infrastructure we need to deliver it is falling behind, and engineers only give the system a “D+” rating. More than 640,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines in our power grids are at full capacity. A large percentage of our high-pressure natural gas transmission lines are over 40 years old, leaving them vulnerable to catastrophic failures. And over ten years, weather-related outages, coupled with aging infrastructure, cost the U.S. economy almost $33 billion.

Case Studies

Mechanical Insulation and the Green Economy

November 2014, Ed Shultz visits the iSave Team Chicago office for a tour and education on the positive effects of mechanical insulation in this country.

Let’s build the Grain Belt Express Clean Line

The Grain Belt Express Clean Line Energy would take thousands of megawatts of renewable power from some of America’s windiest areas, and deliver it to communities that need it most. The result would be thousands of new construction and operations jobs and billions of dollars in investments in new renewable energy projects.

Panda Hummel Station

The Panda Hummel Station power project is one of the largest coal to natural gas replacement projects in the United States. This project has created almost 1,000 jobs, and is expected to contribute more than $5 billion into the local economy. The plant is expected to generate 180% more power which will power more than 1 million homes in Pennsylvania and New York.

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Deepwater Wind

LIUNA local 271 members are helping build Deepwater Wind, the nation’s first offshore 30 megawatt wind farm off the waters of Rhode Island. The $451 million dollar project will create 80-100 good jobs while reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

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