I pledge to support a $1 trillion federal infrastructure package that is broad in scope, robust in funding, sustainable for future generations, efficient in design, and that has worker standards to ensure we rebuild America and empower communities across the country.
Dangerous roads and bridges, unsafe water systems, and crumbling schools put our families at risk and hurt our economy. And with foreign hackers accessing our power grid, terrorists could turn off our electricity, putting millions of lives in immediate danger.
It’s not just about roads and bridges. It’s about safety and security.
Eighty percent of Americans want an infrastructure package to fix and protect our roads, bridges, schools, airports, water and energy systems, and electric grid. We have an historic opportunity to make infrastructure a priority in the next Congress.
  • Americans want a major infrastructure package, but nothing is happening despite years of political promises.
  • Infrastructure pays for itself, by creating jobs and strengthening America’s middle class.
  • The more Members of Congress who are on the record regarding this important issue, the sooner we will get a $1 trillion infrastructure package that rebuilds America, creates jobs and strengthens the middle class.
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