Press Release

It’s time to REBUILD the US. It’s time to VOTE.

Washington, DC – Tomorrow is Election Day. For years we have heard promises from Democrats and Republicans alike to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure. Yet, no action. Now we have a chance to hold these politicians accountable and vote for those who pledge to rebuild America.

Just last week, testing revealed that more of America’s cities and towns are facing high, unsafe levels of lead in our water systems, putting our children and families in danger. What’s next? It’s no question: our communities need leaders who will rebuild our communities, and invest in US.

ReBuild USA, with the support of North America’s Building Trades Unions and hundreds of thousands of advocates, asked the candidates seeking our vote to get serious about rebuilding our communities, creating jobs, and fixing our dangerous infrastructure.

“Before you vote, check out the list of those who signed our Infrastructure Pledge at,” says Lori D’Orazio, National Political Director of ReBuild USA. “If we want action, we must vote for those candidates who promised to lead our communities by fixing dangerous roads, bridges, and water systems, and keep our families safe. Our future depends on it.”

Visit today, and vote for rebuilding America tomorrow.

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